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We love technology!

The company STS Spezial-Tiefbau-Systeme GmbH is your partner for special foundation

engineering and anchor technology. Although that sounds like a sober technical matter, we are

working in this business with passion and enthusiasm since 1995. As our most important task

we consider to satisfy your requests – independing how different they are and this every day

and every day very greatly.

For our company the customer is important!

Many of our customers know us for several years now as a reliable supplier. We guarantee best

customer service also for our new clients. You wish to place an order? It will be settled without

waiting period. You have a technical demand? We are prepared immediately – also at

construction site if a problem can be solved there the best.

We are specialists!

Our approved products have  quality – they are made in Germany. Independent if development

of underground space in large cities, tunnel construction, dyke or shore rehabilitation – our

sleeve pipes and screens, injection accessories or spacers were applied with success for many

years now.

These are just a few examples for our  reference:

Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Underground railway Düsseldorf, Metro Moskau, Almaty, Kremel

rehabilitation  in Moskau, tunnel Irlahüll, city railway tunnel Cologne, city railway Wehrhahn

Düsseldorf, DB-Tunnel Silberberg, new Kaiser-Wilhelm tunnel, tunnel project Maastricht,

Hydropower project Punatsangchhu in Bhutan, Hydropower project in Peru, connection of

several tunnels in Perschling, rehabilitation of the VDM-dump in Frankfurt. 

These are just a few examples for our competence.

Each construction site is different!

Sometimes the view in a catalog is not enough in order to find the solution for a technical

requirement. We are experienced in providing our customers with individual solutions, we

accompany you through the development phase and find an optimal solution. This is a task for

us which we handle with enthusiasm.

As already said: We love technology! We are there for you!

Your STS-Team/Frankfurt on the Main

Tel.: +49 (0)69 23 59 04 Fax: +49 (0)69 23 59 05 Email: info(at)stsffm.de
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